Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Owing to recent resurgence of bed bugs, you must be wondering where do bed bugs come from.

The most logical answer to this query lies in the fact that these little wingless hitchhikers sneak into luggage bags of travelers and then spread their realm from hotels, motels, trains, buses, backpacks, clothes and other such sources to eventually infest as many houses, schools, libraries, theaters and buildings as they can.

So, basically, these pesky creatures come from infested furniture (especially the items purchased from garage sales and used furniture stores), clothes and other such articles or they simply travel up to your home sweet home safely hidden in your own or your guests’ luggage.

Where do bed bugs come from

And before you know it, the house becomes infested with these parasitic insects within a matter of months. Besides, they can also come from laundry rooms through infested laundry bags brought by other people or even through your beloved pets.

Bed bugs like staying close to your bed so that they can derive blood meal from your body when you are fast asleep.

Where do bed bugs come from

Moreover, they spread quite easily in buildings with multiple housing models traveling from one apartment to another through cracks, crevices, common pipes, vents etc. Nonetheless, they are not likely to spread as readily in buildings with concrete separators.

Contrary to the popular belief, bed bugs do not spread from trash and unhygienic places. These pests just look for sources from where they can derive blood and small spaces where they can stay hidden when not feeding. Uncleanliness and clutter just serve as good sources for camouflage.


Where do bed bugs come from originally?

Although these bugs have never been eradicated completely from the face of earth, strong control measures had been taken around mid 20th century to eradicate bed bugs from developed countries when several countries, particularly the United States had become infested with bedbugs through early colonists from Europe.

Where do bed bugs come from

Hence, though eliminated from developed countries still, bed bugs continued to exist in underdeveloped and developing countries like Asia, Africa, Europe etc. So, they have gradually made a comeback now, taking advantage of increasing international trade and travel.

Furthermore, they have developed resistance to most of the chemical treatments and insecticides that were used earlier to eliminate bedbugs. They are more common in temperate regions.

Gaining insight on “where do bed bugs come from” is surely helpful in understanding the reason for their resurgence but if you are interested in controlling the infestation then you will have to seek out ways on how to get rid of bed bugs.

Here’s a video showing most potential areas where you can spot bed bug infestation.


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