What Causes Bed Bugs?

When dealing with bed bugs, you ought to be aware of what causes bed bugs and how to control bedbugs and get rid of the infestation. These reddish-brown wingless creatures usually spread through places and objects infested with bed bugs.

• The most common cause of bed bugs is international travel, especially when developing and underdeveloped countries are involved.

Thus, bed bugs travel across different countries comfortably hidden in luggage of travelers and infest the hotels, motels and other places in which their hosts stay.

This, in turn, infests even the most reputed hotels from where visitors unknowingly bring these critters to other buildings, offices, apartments etc. Even modes of transport like buses, trains, planes and ships tend to get infested with bed bugs in this way.

What causes bed bugs

• As these parasitic insects feed on blood, they mostly make their hideouts in cracks and crevices in areas close to beds, tables and couches from where they can easily travel to their hosts and bite them to suck blood.

Therefore, they stay hidden in cracks in walls around beds, box springs, headboards, mattress seams and other such dark areas and keep multiplying.

What causes bed bugs

So, proximity with infested furniture items and clothing causes bed bugs to crawl up on other sources and spread further. Plus, these pests find their way to other adjoining apartments in multi-unit dwellings through vents and other common passages.

• Nonetheless, it is not uncommon to find these tiny pests in abandoned buildings as well. They have the ability to survive almost up to 18 months without food and this is what causes bed bugs to stay alive even in distant areas with no human or animal blood to feed on.

• In case it is dirt that you are holding responsible for causing bed bug infestation then think again. These pesky creatures primarily survive on blood meals derived from humans or animals.

What causes bed bugs

In addition, they can withstand temperatures ranging from -20 to 45 degrees Celsius. Dirt, unhygienic settings and clutter just serve as favorable factors that help these bugs remain unnoticed.

• Purchase of used furniture from garage sales or thrift stores is another common cause that can be attributed to spread of bed bugs. Same is the case with rented furniture. Moreover, these hitchhikers tend to cling on pets for free ride to your home.

• Lack of proper means for bedbug extermination and their resistance to a variety of pesticides, insecticides and other pest control methods is also what causes bed bugs to flourish.

Watch this video showing how to find bed bugs in hotels.


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